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Being, Becoming

2022 /2K QHD Video/ 2560x1440/ 3'04"

Being, Becoming 所是,所成 is a narrative and vision of personal identity in a transcultural context, discussing global perceptions within the framework of Chinese Confucianism, Taoist thought and Western philosophical logic. It represents the cross-cultural experience to the transcultural self-perception and ideal: a state of being and a process of becoming.


The work presents a series of epic 3D animated models and scenes through a mythological narrative framework, building a vision of existence that intertwines the philosophical idea of the "Unity of Man and Nature 天人合一" with the humanistic ecology of New Zealand. These include: the "Egg of the East", a sacred symbol representing the birth of the self and the origin of existence; the "Ethical Structure of Self-Cultivation" filled with ethnic elements, cultural totems and cultural imagery; and a female avatar that reflects the spiritual power, interacting with plants, rivers and symbols in the "Ideal Realm".

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