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Personal Photobook Project: 实验PAGE20

With rich vision and my own unique vision and unique personal style, to describe myself and my own life. Create, freedom, unscrupulous, seek self in all-embracing.

This book is an art form. It is also an experimental platform that allows me to remain objective(impersonality).This means I jumped out of my own understanding of myself. Through the way of taking pictures, I will continue to gaze at my surroundings and myself. At the same time, I have some desire to hope to re-examine the existence of "self" by playing these forms of women. And I hope to find the answer to the question "Who I am?"

When I speak English and Chinese, my personality is also very different, because of deviations in language issues and expression, I often cannot tell my true thoughts. It is because of these external factors that people who stand in different positions will look at me differently. At this time I was so versatile. The photo is the best way to replace my heart. They are also the most powerful "props" that can helps me express and show myself. In addition to pictures, I use poetry to express my emotions, ideas, and attitudes that have never been shown before people. In poetry and writing, I chose to write it down by hand. The reason is that compared to languages, people become calm when they write, and in the process of writing poetry and thinking, each word is actually written on paper, become the second "ceremony" to confirm yourself. The combination of typing pictures and text can give my audience a full three-dimensional view of the entire image. And through the physical way of books, feelings and whimsy are no longer vague, letting me know that everything is real.

The current state of mind and the understanding of things and the subject and the things that are being photographed are all interacting. When my work became more open- minded, I was also gradually open-minded. All emotions are exposed to people's eyes in a photo manner. From the perspective of the audience, you can enjoy this object leisurely. For young people, they can also resonate with photographs: 20-year-olds are always pursuing answers, but 20-year-olds do not need answers.

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 Inside Page Preview(Total 80 pages)  


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