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From A Peeper To A Practitioner


This current project is based upon previous work which was about my dreams and visions; a mixture of all kinds of shackles, contradictions and absurd things all intertwined. I created the illusion of a three-dimensional space, using symbols to express a type of manic depression-despair monster within a dream. This idea became the inspiration for the subject of this current work on having a sense of self-recognition. A fantasy world generated by manic depression, and visualized in the form of a violent aesthetic combined with symbolism; these seemingly eccentric characters and behaviors are like the embodiment of the idea itself, a state of internal self-inspection.

The visual styles in this work are strange, mysterious, and similar to the art of acting. Like a dream at night, the movements appear coherent and fluid, but the plot is puzzling. In the dream we experience it as being natural, however when we wake up, we realize that the content of the dream is absurd and unrealistic. Here I am alluding to various outlooks on life and its values, using a combination of religion, faith, culture, and fashion elements. I have incorporated a quote about the mathematician Max Planck's ‘constant theory’ which said that: “Eventually, following upon Planck's discovery, it was recognized that physical actions cannot take on an arbitrary value.” Which in a way adds to the puzzle of my perception of my own value.

The visual correspondence between the space of viewing and the space of the original filming which echo each other within the installation. It is as if the viewer is entering my fantasy world and becomes the audience for my performance, a witness and now a member of my personal story.

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