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Hakuna Matata

Hakuna matatar is a swahili phrase: roughly translated, it means "no worries"

This work is about record of youth culture and how Asian students live in New Zealand of how to look at New Zealand with their own perspective, l took six young people from different parts of Asia. China, Malaysia and Japan.

In New Zealand such a multi-cultural place, these students each have a different character and historical background, but it has a similar style of life and hobbies. Because of the experience of studying abroad, their ideas will be different from their own country and New Zealand's local residents. They are a group, they are Asian youth, can also say that they are young people who love art, but also that they are a group of people who are changing and growing I took pictures of their amateur life, record and capture them a lot of wonderful moments, every photo is a little story. In order to learn more about their inner thoughts about living in New Zealand.

I went to each of them to investigate and let them write notes. About how to live in New Zealand, how to feel about New Zealand, come here what is the biggest gains, stay here, and so on, etc... you will find that each of them has a lot of change and mood growth. The challenge of this work is how to combine fashion photography with documentary, how to capture the most interesting moments of youth culture, how to integrate into Asian elements in the photo.

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