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The Subject Exploration and Artistic Practice in Idol Worship

Xi Li

17 Mar 2023

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  • Introduction

  • Part I: What is Idol worship

1.1 Explanation of Idol Worship

1.2 Idol Worship as Ideology

  • Part II: Idol worship and the Subject

  • Part Ⅲ: From Fantasy to Symbolic Order

3.1 The Manifestation of Symbols, Using Artistic Practice as Methodology

3.2 Symbolic Fantasy and Image Creation

3.3 The Subject Narrative from "Infatuation" to "Mysterious"

(1) Absolute Infatuation

(2) Relative Infatuation

(3) From Infatuation to Mysterious: The "Sameness" of Contextual order

  • Epilogue

  • Bibliography

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