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The Subject Exploration and Artistic Practice in Idol Worship

January 2022

7784 words

  • Introduction 

  • Part I: What is Idol worship 

1.1 Explanation of Idol Worship

1.2 Idol Worship as Ideology

  • Part II: Idol worship and the Subject

  • Part Ⅲ: From Fantasy to Symbolic Order

3.1 The Manifestation of Symbols, Using Artistic Practice as Methodology 

3.2 Symbolic Fantasy and Image Creation 

3.3 The Subject Narrative from "Infatuation" to "Mysterious"

(1) Absolute Infatuation 

(2) Relative Infatuation 

(3) From Infatuation to Mysterious: The "Sameness" of Contextual order

  • Epilogue





Objet petit a: The birth of cruel optimism

November 2021

Objet petit a× Cruel Optimism







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Deconstruction, Construction and Reappearance of Capital Logic

January 2021

5717 words

  • Preface 

  • Chapter One. Deconstruct the current contradiction of modernity

  • Chapter Two. Three Domination Forms of Constructing Capital Logic

(1) Mode of production: Consumerism

(2) Form of governance: Society of the Spectacle

(3) Transmission mechanism: Pseudo environment

(4) Summary: the birth of the spirit of fetishism in the new era

  • Chapter Three. Reappearing Capital Logic

  • Bibliography



Brain Island: Hyperreal City

November 2019

•Essay film Script•
Brain Island: Neo-Existentialism

June 2019

To be uploaded

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