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Reveal The 21st You 


This is an experimental video with a time of 2'39. It was inspired by the French student movement in 1968 to explore what is independent thinking. I have made an experimental video of post-internet style to explore the personality, freedom, and attitude of young people. Discuss the significance of independent thinking to young people through self-thinking and answering Models each have a different cultural background, so it and the filming, each protagonist answered some questions about society, human rights, equality, and self in the form of interviews. The answer to these questions is very open. The protagonists observe themselves from a subjective perspective and also Talk about the social environment from an objective perspective. I combined post-internet with cyberpunk, using dystopian expressions to look at the attitudes and self-improvement of today's young people through different thinking and answers. Then this time the protagonist becomes myself, and extends to a philosophical school: Existentialism.


Existentialism mainly focuses on people and respects individuality and freedom. Around independent perception, self-shaping, self-achievement. That is to say, the existence of human beings is based on experience, experience, life and so on.

There are several main points:

1. Presence precedes essence

2. People have freedom of choice

3. The world is ridiculous: the search for answers in an answerless world.


This video has a number of different elements that are visually connected in different ways. The re-creation of my previous work, through the practical picture taken by my first perspective, expresses that my thoughts control the real world I see and the perception I get. The interaction between the device scene and myself is a symbolic form of imagery. Flashing and inverting create an uncertain and unknowable meaning. The timeline represents the past experience and disappearance.


The works included/contained:

Independent (2018)

实验Page20 (2018)

From A Peeper To A Practitioner (2017)

An Inspiring Hug (2017)

Visions (2017)

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