The Idol Reveal


The Idol Reveal attempts to reflect the complex situation of contemporary idol worship, creating a three-layered main narrative structure about idol worship between fantasy and belief, and constructing an apocalypse-like inner picture and blurred and delicate mythological imagery. As an explicit embodiment of my inner consciousness and inner strength, The Idol Reveal is from the search for Idol worship to the recollection of authenticity to the rescue strategy of delusion.

The three VR scenes of The Idol Reveal are full of complicated life totems, popular symbols and popular styles, the vitality created by the collision of virtual and primitive, poetic idol images, sculptures and plants that symbolize energy. This space contains both my exploration of the subject and my awe of the symbolic order. It is not only a mythical surreal work, it produces a universe of illusory images from the real phenomenal world, and it also has the strongest reconstruction and representation of the problem of survival thinking. Based on one's own personal experience and spiritual stimulation; through apocalyptic ideals and mythical depictions; exuding the transcendental power of Idol worship. It shows how I carry out the feedback loop between subject and object in this invisible and boundless symbolic space.

Through this power beyond fantasy utopia, The Idol Reveal clarifies my situation with fantasy, including a deeper understanding of what constitutes the self, and demonstrates this transcendence in the language of a symbolic system. Integrate object and subject, me and the "world" in which I live.

Xi Li: VR Screen Recording from The Idol Reveal, 2022





温暖,温柔,真诚,美好,爱护,关爱,柔和,温热,善意,善良,治愈,明亮,明朗,生机,活力,充沛,充盈,积极,温馨,融合,凝聚,传递,沟通,克服,笃定,守护,补给,信任,伙伴,家人,友情,彼此,真挚,同行,拥抱,相应,照顾,相遇,相知,舒适,亲切,感恩,感动,可爱,亲情,稳定,和谐,幸运,幸福,分担,支撑,安定,交流,逆袭,搭配,建立,实现,信心,拼图,探索,诠释,沟通,结合,支持,契合,集体,记忆,调和,互补,依偎,拥抱,友爱,包容,前行,信赖,菊花,满天星,青草,树木,橡树,草原,茂密,枝叶,风景,水平线,土壤,畛域,集合,空间,阳光,星辰,星空,巨物, 风车,凹凸,齿轮,卡口,柔软,饱满,圆润,光滑,温热,奇迹,能量,光芒,心灵,生命,清新,栖息,焕发,融化,渗透,轻抚,生长,聆听, 连结,修补,作用,趣味,动情,环绕,编织,平衡,融合 ,气息,香皂味,蜡烛,香薰,维他命,气泡



Warm, Gentle, Sincere, Beautiful, Loving, Caring, Gentle, Warm, Kind, Kind, Healing, Bright, Clear, Vital, Energetic, Abundant, Full, Positive, Warm, Fusion, Cohesion, Transmission, Communication, Overcoming, Certainty , Guardian, Supply, Trust, Partner, Family, Friendship, Each Other, Sincere, Peering, Hugging, Corresponding, Caring, Meeting, Acquaintance, Comfortable, Cordial, Grateful, Touching, Lovely, Family, Stability, Harmony, Luck, Happiness, Sharing , Support, Stabilize, Communicate, Counterattack, Match, Build, Realize, Confidence, Puzzle, Explore, Interpret, Communicate, Combine, Support, Fit, Collective, Memory, Reconcile, Complement, Snuggle, Hug, Fraternity, Tolerance, Move Forward , Trust, Chrysanthemum, Gypsophila, Grass, Trees, Oak, Grassland, Dense, Foliage, Landscape, Horizon, Soil, Field, Gathering, Space, Sunlight, Stars, Starry Sky, Giant, Windmill, Bump, Gear, Bayonet , Soft, Plump, Rounded, Smooth, Warm, Miracle, Energy, Radiance, Heart, Life, Fresh, Perched, Glow, Melt, Penetrate, Caress, Grow, Listen, Connect, Mend, Act, Play, Emotional, Surround , Braid, Balance, Fusion, Breath, Soap Scent, Candle, Aromatherapy, Vitamin, Bubbles





Gentleman, Elegant, Abstinence, Mysterious, Charming, Charming, Elegant, Stern, Cold, Peaceful, Soft, Modest, Indifferent, Clear-minded, Calm, Persistent, Calm, Comfortable, Appropriate, Deep, Profound, Precipitation, Harmony, Indifference, Profound, Gentle, Warm, Far-reaching, Detached. Yayoi, Diffuse, Diffuse, Spread, Change, Hazy, Halo, Air, Gas, Smoke, Snow-white, Rain, Water, Deep, Rippling, Glistening, Undercurrent, Flawless, Secret, Dreamy, Drifting, Ethereal, Secluded, Controlled, Hidden, Youyue, Lotus, Bishan, Petals, Tobacco, Streams, Stamens, Rough Stones



真挚,真诚,炽热,细腻,和善,柔软,感性,真切,纯净,纯真,意志,坚毅,坚韧,坚定,野心,野望,欲望,果敢,不屈,勇谋,觉悟,信念,笃定,决策,承担,隐忍,远大,强大,高昂,强劲,凌厉,胆识,激情,性感,魅惑,勇气,强大,清醒,刚毅,热情,奔放,高涨,纯真,纯粹,赤诚,清晰,生动,通透,自然,优秀,奋发,淬厉,拼搏,昂扬,恒心,创造,能力,坚韧,纯粹,坚定,凌厉,正义,俊秀,探索,恒心,明媚,艳丽,超越,无限盔甲, 宝石,晶莹,逆鳞,烈火,利剑,汗水,泪水,飞翔,牡丹,永动机,涌动,激昂,江,大浪,狂风,极昼,洪涛,壮观,貔貅,狼雄鹰,猎豹,鵰悍,荆刺,野性,矫健,挺拔,轻盈,坚硬,利落,线条,流畅,绽放,力量,非凡,雄厚,燃烧,猛烈,碾压,爆发,暴走,释放,爆破,变革,攻击,侵略,喷涌,攻势,战斗,萧瑟,巍峨,狠命,威慑,穿透,震撼,定力,极致


Sincere, Fiery, Delicate, Kind, Soft, Sensual, Sincere, Pure, Will, Perseverance, Tenacity, Firmness, Ambition, Ambition, Desire, Courage, Unyielding, Courageous, Conscious, Belief, Determination, Decision-making, Commitment, Forbearance, Lofty , Strong, High, Sharp, Courageous, Passionate, Sexy, Charming, Courageous, Sober, Fortitude, Enthusiasm, Unrestrained, High, Pure, Pure, Sincere, Clear, Vivid, Transparent, Natural, Excellent, Hardworking, Tough , Struggle, High-spirited, Perseverance, Creation, Ability, Tenacity, Pure, Firm, Fierce, Justice, Handsome, Exploration, Perseverance, Bright, Gorgeous, Transcendence, Infinite Armor, Gem, Crystal, Anti-scale, Fire, Sword, Sweat, Tears, Flying, Peonies, Perpetual Motion, Surging, Passionate, Rivers, Big Waves, Strong Winds, Extreme Days, Floods, Spectacular, Pixiu, Wolf Eagle, Cheetah, Eagle, Thorn, Wild, Vigorous, Tall And Straight, Light, Hard, Neat, Line, Smooth, Blooming, Strength, Extraordinary, Strong, Burning, Violent, Crushing, Bursting, Rampaging, Releasing, Blasting, Transforming, Attacking, Aggression, Gushing, Offensive, Fighting, Bleak, Towering, Ruthless, Intimidating, Wearing Penetrating, Shocking, Steadfast, Extreme

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