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This work is closely associated with Dada and Surrealism and inspired by Max Ernst’s photomontage Chinese Nightingale created in 1920 which depicts a fantastic, nightmarish image that is making reference to Ernst’s anxieties originating in childhood. 

 I have used this same detailed approach, for example, the body of the model is painted white, the texture of the skin and colour symbolise drugs that suppress the spirit. While changing the older traditional photomontage for Photoshop in order to splice together the different components of the images and show the shift from dream to nightmare.

This work is about my own dreams and visions, a mixture of all kinds of shackles, contradictions, and absurd things all intertwined. Through creating the illusion of a 3- dimensional space, I have used symbols to express this manic depression and despair - the monster within the dream.

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