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Infatuation Illuminated Pillars Series


2022/ Digital Print on 200gsm Satin/ 920mm x 2640mm

2022/ Digital video/ 2160x3840/ 04'00"


  • This works was commissioned by Te Tuhi and included in Xi Li’s long-term project, The Idol Reveal (2021-ongoing).



Inspired by Xi Li's research diagram Absolute Infatuation: Spiritual Sacrifice and Desire Matrix (2021), the series debuted as a 3D animation in her video and VR work The Idol Reveal: From Infatuation to the Mysterious (2021-2022). The pillars contain complex totems, symbolic energies, and religious-style symbols, forming a whole of aesthetic, mindfulness, and intellectual practice. Each of the 11 pillars represents a chapter or episode in this larger story, with its own set of symbols and meanings. These pillars represent a journey of exploration into the driving forces behind idol worship and the concept of absolute infatuation.

The Idol Reveal: Infatuation Illuminated Pillars Series, Xi Li 李曦

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